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  2. Admin

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  3. mrunlock198

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    I use the original imei what you can see in the picture, I chose the right model, had no superimei since for the g357m model at that time did not support any box
    since that time I was talking you , my client became angry and left with your phone take many days with the phone
  4. mrunlock198

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    Q: If you dont agree, stop using the software!

    R: to stop using the software you must return my money for the balance on my account 19 crd and gladly stop using their services, which left us many days without stand unanswered and money frozen
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  6. mrunlock198

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    I just Send the data to your email u can check
  7. CiscoLA

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    today I tried to do G925T and took 8 credit and failed to complete process ...
  8. unlockedcali

    unlockedcali New Member

    I lost 5 credits to repair IMEI and send mail to the administrator to return the 5 credits me and I have no answer helps

    Reading Phone Info...
    Model: SM-G920F
    Customer Code: XSG
    S/W version: G920FXXU2BOFL
    UID: 04157DF438F2E911
    RF Cal Date:
    MSL Authentication Enter:
    Get MSL Address...
    MSL Damaged.
    Server Calculating MSL...
    Checking MSL Code: SECURITY_NG
    Error! Abort Repair!

    FAISAL Moderator Staff Member

    you get this error when phone was previously rooted and knoxx has been tripped... try to find the enginerring sboot for your model from XDA or gsmforum.. flash the sboot and reset efs and try again .. it should go through
    or if you have back up of the original efs of your phone flash that back and retry
  10. unlockedcali

    unlockedcali New Member

    bro cell client took, as I cancel the process and leaving accepted as I can do to return me the credits for other teams?
  11. unlockedcali

    unlockedcali New Member

    I have the following problem I have a try to repair imei s6 that I let the IMEI accepted what I could do I get another s6 try to apply the same IMEI that is already accepted and consumed me is unfair 8 credits

    48112 35721506******3 ****** SM-G920P 190 -8/-3 Accepted
    48107 35342106******2 ****** SM-G900M 190 -4/7 Done
    48046 35295906******7 ****** SM-G900M 190 -4/1 Done
    48019 35212306******1 ****** SM-G7105L 190 -5/5 Done
    47997 35373206******2 ****** SM-G710 190 -5/0 Done
    47932 35489706******8 ****** SM-G386T1 190 -4/5 Done
    47909 35350206******4 ****** SM-G900M 190 -4/9 Done
    47890 35473406******7 ****** SM-G900M 190 -4/3 Done
    47832 35721506******3 ****** SM-G920F 190. -5/7 Accepted
  12. CJ Sanz

    CJ Sanz New Member

    upload_2015-9-22_4-31-50.png keep getting no imei found.....
  13. raymakki

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    CJ Sanz thats because the key id of the phone you are trying to fix is not supported
  14. rakkasan

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    hello i did imei repair for s7 edge ATT with uart order number 52807 its charge me for it but i can't repair it it always saying error so i try to do it with usb its charge me aging 10 credits the order number 52817 pls help refund me my 10 credit
    username its skylink
    thank u

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